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Technology is an exciting part of the Wise School educational experience, and technology integration in the classroom is a key component of our program. iPad Centers in the kindergarten and first grade classrooms and an iPad Cart in the second and third grade classrooms bring technology directly into the classroom learning process. The iPad program is two-pronged, focusing on skill building across academic content areas and creativity centered programs such as iMovie, Act with Me, Touch Cast and Garageband. Our 1:1 program in fourth through sixth grade has dramatically impacted teaching and learning in the upper grades, as students' study of technology enhances the rigorous academic program. Students learn to use applications for organizing independent study, creating original projects and then curating their projects for publication or display. They learn to safely and effectively use a variety of internet research tools, software to create outlines for research projects, and presentation tools such as PowerPoint and Prezi to effectively communicate their learning. The sixth grade technology course culminates in a 3-D modeling program which infuses design concepts with computational thinking skills.

In addition, we have two technology labs. Our PC Lab is equipped with 25 computers and is used by all K-4 grade students. Starting in kindergarten, students visit our PC lab to learn mouse skills, keyboarding, navigating the internet, and continue through fourth grade exploring a wide variety of software programs including Tech4Learning's Frames, Pixie and Blender programs, FableVision's Animationish, Microsoft Office, DavkaWriter for Hebrew word-processing and many more. Our Technology Innovation Lab is an iMac lab that is home to our school newspaper, radio station, yearbook, digital still and video photography enrichment program and our engineering and robotics program. Students in kindergarten through third grade use LEGO Education's WeDo Robotics kits to engineer projects that intertwine science, technology, engineering and math. Fourth through sixth grade students are among the first students on the West Coast to engage in the use of Orbotix Sphero devices to engage in engineering and programming activities. All students in kindergarten through sixth grade participate in computational thinking activities and learn to program using Scratch programming language. Wise School is a leader in the world of Scratch and piloted the Creative Computational Thinking Curriculum for the Massachuesetts Institute of Technology's Media Lab. In addition, our students have been recognized at the California Technology Showcase and the California Student Media Festival for their outstanding work in the areas of book publication, digital photography and video production.
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