Photo: School Supplies 2013-14

School Supplies 2013-14

School supply lists for all grades, Kindergarten through 6, are available below. Please adhere to the list for specific sizes and quantities of items. If you plan to make your purchases at Office Depot, they will donate 5% back to Wise Elementary School. Please be sure to mention the school’s name or code-7001-044.

You can also purchase your supplies through the WPA for $100. Orders are due by July 8, 2013. Please click here for more information.

SWAT 07/23/14
SWAT 07/24/14
SWAT 07/28/14
SWAT 07/29/14
SWAT 07/30/14
SWAT 07/31/14
SWAT 08/04/14

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