New School Uniform Preview

We are excited to have embarked on a partnership with school uniform specialists Mills Uniform Company to provide you, our parents, with a convenient, high-quality, and well-priced solution for school uniforms. We have also given thoughtful consideration to your children, and with them in mind, have expanded the color selection to include more options, giving our students more opportunities to express their creativity and individuality. 

To show our excitement about this new uniform program, we are giving each child a new shirt in the color of their choice with the Wise School logo embroidered on it as a special gift. We will have color and size samples available at carpool pick-up on Tuesday, February 18 and Wednesday, February 19, so that you can select your desired color and check out the new shirts!

*Note: School uniforms are for K-6 students only. Early Childhood students will NOT have a uniform, but we wanted to offer our youngest children a chance to show their Wise School pride.

Orders must be placed by noon on Monday, February 24 (or your child's teacher will make the selection with your child). 

Child's Name  
Room Number  
K-6 Polo Shirts
Sizing Info - boys sizing is labeled as unisex
School Polos White
K-6 Shirt Colors:
Color Swatch 1

K-6 Shirt Colors:
Color Swatch 2

Early Childhood T-Shirts
Early Childhood students are not required to wear a uniform.
School Teal T-Shirt EC2 
EC Teal T-Shirts

SWAT 07/30/14
SWAT 07/31/14
SWAT 08/04/14
Tisha B'Av 08/05/14
SWAT 08/05/14
SWAT 08/06/14
SWAT 08/07/14