Students in grades K-6 have been busy creating many unique projects in art class. All grades started the year with the Pinwheels for Peace project, in which they created and installed over 400 pinwheels all over the Stephen S. Wise Temple campus to commemorate the International Day of Peace.

Kindergarteners have been exploring line, shape, color, and texture, as they combine these elements to learn the basics of drawing. They are now creating beautiful collaged bouquets by drawing and painting sunflowers, daisies, tulips and pansies, adding foreground, background, and symmetric vases, learning overlapping techniques that provide realism and depth.

First graders drew proportioned bodies, cut them apart, and then reassembled them to show movement. They are now designing Shabbat candlesticks and challah trays in clay, to eventually take home to use on Friday nights with their families.

Second graders learned about traditional costumes worn in various countries, as they each chose a figure to draw, embellishing their costumes with colorful native designs. They are now creating Calaveras, which are skeleton figures representing personalities whose spirits are believed to visit the living on the Mexican holiday of Dia de los Muertes/ Day of the Dead.

Third graders made beautiful Kiddush cups from clay, to eventually take home to use to usher in Shabbat with their families. They then created colorful tessellations and are now using them as inspiration for several other projects, as they explore concepts and techniques of transformation, illustration, and magnification.

Fourth graders were exposed to David Hockney’s abstract landscapes, as they created their own in oil pastel, reflecting their knowledge of California regions they had been studying in class. Then they designed ceramic mezzuzot, which will proudly be adhered to special doorposts in their homes, providing protection and blessing for their families. They are now weaving beautiful baskets, enhancing their study of Indian tribal arts and crafts.

Fifth graders learned about two colonial crafts, quilting and tin-punch, and then created colorful compositions using both techniques. They are now designing paintings utilizing the effects of warm and cool colors, which, when viewed through special 3D glasses, will allow the artists to tell a story through color.

Sixth graders designed striking stained glass plates using Judaic themes and are now working on imaginative clay sculptures. They have been working on a wonderful gift for their Kindergarten buddies, as they designed and painted a Magical Castle on the Upper Kindergarten play yard. They are also making fanciful flags which will soon fly high atop their creation, as they look forward to its dedication in January. Come by our colorful art room near Hershenson Hall anytime to see most of these projects on display and many more in the works as your children experiment and discover the wonderful world of Art! 
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