Photo: Light Up Literacy

Light Up Literacy

We are asking every student in our school to bring in at least $2 to support this important cause. Students who would like to have this donation go towards a “gift” for their own family members can make a donation and get a certificate to give to someone special. Our goal is for 100% participation, and we are hoping kids come up with creative ways to earn money and actively be a part of this program. The founder of the program, Linda Smith, is traveling to Los Angeles for a special Shabbat service and presentation, and all parents are welcome to join us on Friday, December 16, at 11:30 a.m. in the Sanctuary. Click here to watch a Youtube video with great visuals explaining the program, and I hope you can watch this at home with your child. Also, keep an eye out at your child’s classroom for the Hanukkah candle which will fill up with light as the participation grows. I want to thank you in advance for supporting this worthwhile cause and I look forward to seeing the final check we will present in December.


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