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In 1964, 35 families met in the living room of a private home in Westwood to form a new Jewish Reform Temple led by Rabbi Isaiah Zeldin.  For the first four years, Friday night services were held at St. Alban's Episcopal Church in West Los Angeles until a temple could be built.  Stephen S. Wise moved to its current location in 1968. It was Rabbi Zeldin’s idea to build the pool even before the Sanctuary because it was his vision to have Wise as the place for community and he knew people would come around a pool before they would come around the Sanctuary. 

A Religious School and Nursery School quickly followed. And, as the community grew, members asked Rabbi Zeldin to start an Elementary School. In 1977, Stephen S. Wise Temple Elementary School was born. Together with Director of Education, Metuka Benjamin, Rabbi Zeldin founded a School that would become the model for other Jewish private schools - both nationally and internationally. Their goal was for the children at our School to feel Jewish - not just while studying Judaic Studies or learning Hebrew - but to feel Jewish all day long.

Today, Wise School is home to over 400 students in Grades Kindergarten through 6. Guided by our vision of combining academic excellence with a values-based education, our School develops students who have a lifelong love for learning, and are prepared to meet the challenges of today's world.

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