Welcome from Principal, Tami Weiser

3/1/2012 Message from Principal, Tami Weiser

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Roll out the red carpet, or the yellow brick road, because we are getting ready for our spring musical, “The Wizard of OZ”! Tickets are now on sale for the play, and this year we have four performances: Sunday, March 25 and Tue – Thursday, March 27 – 29. Get your tickets today:  click here. (WOW so far we sold 300 tickets) We are also selling Wizard of Oz t-shirts, gift bags and bookmarks. The actors and actresses are busy learning their lines, the stage crew is creating their props, and we even have a Toto to train. If you have ever attended one of our school plays you know the high level of our productions, and if you haven’t had the opportunity you are in for a real treat! I look forward to seeing you at each of the performances.

Tami Weiser

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