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10/6/2011 Message from Principal, Tami Weiser

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Dear Parents,

As we are celebrating the high holidays, Stephen S. Wise Temple Elementary School had a wonderful day last Sunday at our Tashlich event. Over 100 people came to the beach to sing, listen to the shofar and throw their bread into the water. I overheard many valuable conversations such as one parent saying to their child, “I’m sorry I yelled at you to practice the violin,” and the child responding, “I’m sorry I wasn’t practicing my violin when I was supposed to,” and then they both threw their “sins” into the water. The meaning of these days of awe was truly apparent to both children and adults and we were so fortunate to share this time together. The picture above was taken by one of our students in the photography club who truly captured the moment when Malka Clement was praying with a Tashlich book from her father that came from India. Together we all had a magical day.

We continue our celebrations with a service for Yom Kippur this Friday at 11:30 a.m., and all parents are invited to join us. The students, staff and clergy will wear white on Friday to bring in the spirituality of this special day. I want to wish everyone an easy fast and a G’mar Hatima Tova!


Tami Weiser

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