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3/3/2011 Message from Principal, Tami Weiser

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Stephen S. Wise Elementary School is able to provide the outstanding educational program we do because of the involvement of our supportive parent community. You give both your time and money to make sure we have all the necessary resources, and the funds provided through our annual giving campaign truly make a difference each and every day. I want to thank the staff and parents who have already generously contributed to this year’s successful campaign, and you can see those names through these attached links. If you haven’t had the opportunity to give yet, I strongly encourage you to make your donation soon, as the campaign is drawing to a close.This week many of our grade levels are sharing culminations of high level learning activities from various curricular units. In Kindergarten the classes were transformed into Arctic zones when parents visited to learn about penguins. The students were docents in their classrooms, expertly telling us about the types of penguins, predators to penguins, the importance of blubber and wax for warmth and feathers, and so much more. The integration of math, science, language arts and fine arts was really wonderful, and I am now a real penguin expert! In the fourth grade our students have been working in cooperative groups on missions as part of their California history curriculum. The students made presentation boards with creative writing showing the different perspective of missions from the padres and the Native Americans, pictures of their mission, and the location of their mission on the trail. In sixth grade each class is beginning the experience of their biomes as they retrace the steps of our Paleolithic ancestors and discover what it takes to advance a civilization. The first step is to determine the climate of their biome and the natural resources that are available. You will be learning more about all of the classroom activities, and your individual student progress, next week at our parent conferences.

Tami Weiser

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