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10/13/2010 - Message from Principal, Tami Weiser

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One of the amazing things about Stephen S. Wise Elementary School is that we are always striving to improve.  Our newest exciting change is the refurbished art room.  Jan Navah, our outstanding art specialist, works with our students on developing their creative, expressive visual art talents.  I always enjoy walking into her studio to feel the excitement as kids come up with new ideas, have the opportunity to try a new media, or can’t wait to show me their finished project.  The culmination of this work is our Art Gallery, which will be displayed at Open House on June 1-2.  On these nights you will see first hand the work that your students have been doing in art throughout the year. 


I want to share with you some words that are on a poster in the art room that really express it best: 


Everything I Needed to Know I learned in the Art Room 


Never say anything unkind about something a classmate has created. 


Don’t hog all the colors. 


A picture is more interesting with contrast, movement and different points of view – so is life. 


Be kind to yourself if all your pictures don’t turn out, it happens to all artists. 


Making something for someone else can be a holy act, do it often. 


Keep an open mind about different kinds of art… something unforeseen may be come part of your expression some day. 


Purple houses, pink grass…. There’s no right or wrong way to color your picture – honor your creative voice – it’s what makes you unique. 


Paint from the heart, it will show – others will sense it.


I hope your child gets these powerful messages throughout their year of art instruction.  While public schools are cutting the arts, we continue to invest in our program and I look forward to seeing our students’ skills and enthusiasm continue to grow in this vital creative area. 


Tami Weiser

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