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2/22/2013 Message from Principal, Tami Weiser

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Students take part in social and emotional learning every day in a variety of contexts, both inside and outside of the classroom. The dynamics incorporated within their daily interactions lead our students to learn and practice ways to collaborate with their peers, resolve conflicts, and sustain relationships in an academic and social realm. The students continually build a foundation to effectively communicate with others and navigate the dynamics of their classrooms, sports teams, and social circles. The Kindergarten students have been exemplifying these skills in an extraordinary way when participating in the social skills lessons that have been presented to them on a weekly basis. The students have demonstrated the ability to utilize the skills taught to them, through visual representations and puppet skits, in an assortment of settings. They continue to practice appropriate behaviors, such as turn-taking and sharing materials, throughout the day, whether it be during instructional time or on the recess yard. The First Graders will begin these social skills lessons next week, which will continue our emphasis on early intervention for social and emotional development. While creating a foundation for the students in the lower grades, the Advisory classes continue to facilitate discussion on topics relevant to our 6th Graders. The Advisory lessons serve as preparation for their upcoming entry into middle school and place an emphasis on the units of communication and friendship. The 6th Grade students have had an opportunity to express the topics important to them by using personification to create poems that relate to a societal issue, such as self-image, social networks, media, and cyber-bullying. The exploration of these issues leads to many questions from students, which further enhances the group discussions held in the classroom. The questions that are asked in a home setting will be addressed as well when parents meet with Dr. Ian Russ on Thursday, February 28th. We look forward to meeting with parents of 3rd through 6th Graders and having the opportunity to extend the conversation on this topic.

The students have displayed a true understanding of the lessons provided which contribute to their social and emotional development, whether it be participating in the social skills curriculum, engaging with one another during lunch bunch sessions across the grade levels, or collaborating with classmates and teachers during Advisory lessons. The students remain mindful of their actions when demonstrating their Jewish values, as well as those outlined in the PAWS Program: Positive, Appreciative, Wise and Safe. We are looking forward to our students’ growth in which they highlight these strengths on a daily basis and continue to exhibit these attributes to our entire community.

Warm Regards,

Jana Zawatsky
School Counselor

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