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9/13/2012 Message from Principal, Tami Weiser

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Our Science Lab is up and running with all classes visiting for exciting lessons. Today I watched the first grade students learn about recycling as they created signs for our campus on the correct use of recycling bins. The fifth grade students were actively engaged in an experiment with colored water that was different temperatures. They discovered that the red hot water floated, while the cold blue water sank, and tied this all into the scientific principles of density. Second grade is experimenting with sound and hearing by designing their own instruments and manipulating them to change the pitch of the sound. Sixth graders are learning about heat and they tested solar ovens, which we will tie into Jewish World Watch later this year. The students also were outside the lab finding out that black cloth absorbs light and converts it to heat, while white cloth reflects light – it’s a good thing our uniform shirts are white! I hope you will ask your child what they are doing in Science this year, and we look forward to sharing many future lessons with you.


Tami Weiser

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