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5/10/2012 Message from Principal, Tami Weiser

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This week was full of magical moments – Mother’s Day celebrations, Parent dinners, and of course, ERB testing. In the midst of all of this, our sixth grade students presented their graduation gift to the school. The picture above and the following article explain this special legacy that they have left our school. On behalf of all current and future students, we thank them for their creativity!

Each year, the 6th grade graduating class of Stephen S. Wise Temple Elementary School creates an artistic gift to leave to the school. Colorful murals, tile walls, and mosaics from past years adorn our campus and remind us of those who have left their mark on our school. Each year, I try to come up with a unique project for our 6th graders to make that will beautify the school surroundings. This summer, a storage shed was built on the Kindergarten roof yard to store play equipment. Painted white, it called out for decoration and an idea was born: Why not turn it into a Magical Castle? It could serve as a backdrop for Kindergarteners pretending to be princesses, princes, wizards and even fairies! When the Class of 2011-1012 heard about the project, they were thrilled. Having been raised on Harry Potter and Disney, they had wonderful ideas of how it should look, so the first art class of the year was spent coming up with sketches and suggestions. Why not add a giant dragon? It shouldn’t be too scary…kind of cute and mischievous…How about adding colorful flags? The ideas soon became reality, as students sponged paint to create the texture of stone, took turns filling in the details, and designed flags featuring cartoon characters and bright patterns. Each day, the Kindergarteners were more and more excited as they saw the extraordinary gift their 6th grade buddies were preparing for them. When the big day finally came for the dedication, the buddies stood together in awe as they admired their work. The Magical Castle will continue to bring joy to Stephen S. Wise Temple Elementary School students for years to come and the 6th grade Class of 2011-2012 will be able to fondly remember their time at our school whenever they visit. Thank you for sharing your hard work and artistic talents and good luck in the future!

Mrs. Jan Navah
K-6 Art Specialist 

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