Welcome from Principal, Tami Weiser

5/17/2012 Message from Principal, Tami Weiser

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Every week our students experience the joy of new discoveries in our Science lab and the work they do with our amazing Science teacher, Polly Kim. Whether it is creating an electric current or making sure our silkworms are alive and well, Mrs. Kim imparts a love of learning for physical, earth and life science. This week she was excited to share the following information on a solar eclipse that will be occurring this weekend: “There will be a very rare and exciting partial solar eclipse visible from Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon, when the Moon will cover over three-fourths of the Sun. Details are available at griffithobservatory.org. The eclipse begins at 5:24pm, the Sun will be the smallest crescent at 6:38pm, and the eclipse ends and the Sun will be back to normal at 7:42pm, right before the Sun sets. Do not stare at the Sun, even during a partial eclipse! Eclipse viewers and eclipse glasses are available for purchase at the Griffith Observatory gift shop and at some camera and telescope stores. You can also safely project the image of the Sun onto a piece of paper by punching a small hole in a card and positioning it so the sunlight goes through the hole onto the paper. The image of the Sun projected onto the paper will be a crescent during the eclipse.” Enjoy sharing this with your children!

Tami Weiser