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12/7/2012 Message from Principal, Tami Weiser

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If you wish to fill your heart with contentment and pride, listen to our children these days talk about the importance of bringing light into the lives of children in Guatemala as part of our School's Light Up Literacy campaign. In one of the 6th Grade classrooms, students were discussing Hanukkah and making analogies between literacy and light. One student said, "Just like light illuminates our life, reading illuminates our minds." Another student shared his love of reading and said, "Reading is like the light at the end of the tunnel." A third student said, "Light wakes up the world just like books wake up a child's mind. Books and light are very important because without them, we wouldn't be able to have a full life."

Stephen S. Wise Temple Elementary School has always taken a leading role in social justice actions. We are defined not only by our high academic standards, our nurturing environment, but also by our commitment to the highest ideals and values of Judaism. We teach our children from a young age in Kindergarten to 6th Grade that we are partners with God in making this world a better place and that we are our global brothers' and sisters' keepers.

This week, as the students happily walked in and out of the Book Fair, we are doubly joyed to see that our children are like the Shamash on the Hanukkiyah. They have so much light of their own that they provide light to others. We are deeply grateful to you for supporting the Light Up Literacy campaign, and our deadline for giving is Wednesday, December 12. Linda Smith, the Founder of Reading Village, will be here on Friday, December 14, and will join us at our Hanukkah Service in the Sanctuary. We will present her with our gift to take back to rural Guatemala so that our efforts can shed light on the darkness of illiteracy.

So this Hanukkah, as we gather around the table, light the candles, sing the blessings, and watch our children enjoy the warmth of the candlelight, we will be reminded of the warmth of the Wise spirit of giving.

Wishing you and your families a Happy Hanukkah,
Malka Clement
Director of Hebrew/Judaic Studies

11/30/2012 Message from Principal, Tami Weiser

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What an incredible fall season our Wildcat student-athletes had!

Despite the challenges of missing several practice days due to holidays and teacher conferences, our fall teams and athletes performed exceptionally well in the highly competitive San Fernando Private School league. By the end of the season the Wildcats had collected a huge haul of trophies.

Our Grade 4 teams experienced interscholastic athletics for the first time. Coach Sailes' boys' football players experienced the normal challenges of learning a very practice orientated sport but ended the season with a winning record and tied for runners up in our league. Our Grade 4 Girls' Basketball teams also had a blast representing the Wildcats for the very first time. Coach Herold's Blue team were particularly outstanding, finishing the season as runners-up in their division.

Our Grade 5 boys' were in an extremely tough football division and experienced the highs and lows that any sports season presents. We are extremely proud of their continued efforts and development as players and a team. Our Grade 5 Girls’ basketball teams showed huge potential and had great success. Coach Starr's Blue team finished the season as runners-up in the division and Coach Hosler's team won the division to claim the title of league champions.

Grade 6 athletes led the way as the senior student-athletes on campus. 3 of our 4 teams earned the right to participate in the playoffs this season. Boys' football played well all season and made the semi-finals, however they came up short against a really tough opponent on the day. Our Girls basketball teams continued the Wildcats 30 year tradition of being a basketball powerhouse, by making the championship game in the 6A and 6B divisions. Both teams played incredibly well in the championship games. Coach Hosler's 6 Blue team were unfortunate to come up against a player who seemed as tall and as effective as the Lakers Dwight Howard. She helped her JTD team defeat the Wildcats in the championship game but there was no shame in making it to the 'Big Dance' and playing so well in the final game. Coach Herold's Grade 6 White team completed a remarkable comeback in the championship game versus Curtis School. After falling behind in the first half to what seemed an insurmountable deficit, the Wildcats came out inspired in the second half to dominate the final two quarters and win a remarkable championship game.

Congratulations to our entire coaching staff, student-athletes and wonderful Wildcat parents on a fantastic season. We look forward to Winter's Boys' Basketball and Girls' Soccer seasons. See you on the field and Go Wildcats!

Coach Kelly
Head of Athletics