Welcome from Principal, Tami Weiser

10/07/2010 - Message from Principal, Tami Weiser

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While we certainly enjoyed celebrating all of the wonderful holidays over the past few weeks, it is great to finally have a week of uninterrupted instructional time! The classes are all in full swing, having completed their initial assessments, and students are learning a great deal. I have had the opportunity to observe lessons in language arts, math, Hebrew, art, PE and much more. I am especially impressed by the level of groupings we have in reading, math and Hebrew which allows lessons to be differentiated for each student. Our teachers are busy working with outside experts on professional development in reading comprehension and vocabulary strategies from kindergarten to sixth grade. Today I met with these experts to review the ERB test scores at the individual student level, as well as their recent reading assessments to find out what are our areas of strength, and where there are areas we can continue to grow. In addition to the individual classes, students are getting a great deal out of their work in Project Studio, as they develop important critical thinking skills. I encourage you to actively discuss with your child what they are doing in class each day. Don’t simply ask, “How was your day?” Rather, ask them, “Tell me about what you did in math that was fun/hard/interesting today.” Or, “Can you teach me three new Hebrew words tonight?” Another thought is, “Describe the main character in the book/story you reading. Is this someone you would like to invite over for dinner?”

I look forward to sharing specific information on your student’s progress at their parent conferences next month. I’ll keep you posted on all of the wonderful instructional progress we make throughout the year.

Tami Weiser