Photo: Programs for Academic and Creative Enrichment (PACE)

Programs for Academic and Creative Enrichment (PACE)

Programs for Academic and Creative Enrichment (PACE) provides an enrichment curriculum to meet the needs of students who exhibit strength in academics. PACE includes the broad spectrum of opportunities for children to discover and expand their unique talents, affinities, and academic strengths. Teachers collaborate to provide a wide range of challenging learning opportunities within and beyond the classroom. Students are challenged to extend their learning in a variety of ways: advance and refine academic skills, develop problem-solving and higher level thinking, produce work of significant depth and complexity, and apply multiple intelligences to create original work.

Imagine traveling to Japan and China. Perhaps you are a jury member meticulously weighing the presented evidence. Picture yourself journeying back in time to interview your great-grandparents, discovering their poignant memories as new immigrants to our country. Each of these form the core of some of the children’s learning experiences in PACE. The children actively learn by questioning, discussing, debating, researching, writing, and collaborating. What incredible adventures!

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