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Mission Statement

Built upon a foundation of educational excellence, essential academic skills, and Jewish ethical and spiritual values, Stephen S. Wise Temple Elementary School cultivates the growth of inquisitive minds, caring hearts, and kind souls. Recognizing that each child possesses unique gifts, our School nurtures creativity, encourages individual development, and inspires a love of learning. As members of this Reform Jewish community, our students establish a strong personal identity and commitment to the highest ideals of American democracy, the Jewish people, and the State of Israel.

Inquisitive Minds:
Our rigorous program provides a traditional academic curriculum that inspires children to be curious about the world around them. Our students create, discover, and build a love of learning through our wide variety of offerings.  

Caring Hearts:
Our School is committed to living Jewish values which act as a guide for both children and adults. Children understand the importance of making ethical decisions and living a life that reflects positive moral choices.  

Kind Souls:
Our community works to make our world a better place, and is committed to performing acts of loving kindness. Through our community service projects and a focus on mitzvot, we teach children that they are responsible for others and the world around them.  


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