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Learning Goals

At Wise Elementary, we utilize the Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLR) to provide the learning goals for our students. The ESLRs state the knowledge, proficiencies, and appreciation for education students should possess upon graduation from our School.

Students will develop academic competencies 

  • Master essential academic skills  
  • Gather, organize, and utilize information from a variety of print and multimedia resources  
  • Convey information, ideas, and feelings in oral and written communication  
  • Acquire and apply higher order thinking skills  
  • Acquire historical and cultural knowledge, understand our democratic system, and practice civic values  
  • Develop the skill of inquiry to generate questions and formulate hypotheses   

 Students will develop knowledge of and commitment to Reform Jewish life 

  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of Torah, Jewish history, and contemporary Jewish life  
  • Be able to recite, chant, read, and understand prayers central to Reform Jewish observance  
  • Participate actively in School observances of Shabbat, holidays, and services  
  • Speak, read, write, and understand Hebrew  
  • Demonstrate a commitment to Tikkun Olam (repairing the world) through participation in community service.  
  • Demonstrate a connection and commitment to the Jewish people and State of Israel  

Students will express themselves creatively through the arts 

  • Develop an appreciation of the arts through exposure to a variety of art forms  
  • Create original work in a variety of art forms  
  • Participate actively in performing arts  

Students will develop work habits and study skills to prepare for lifelong learning 

  • Develop and utilize organizational tools and study skills  
  • Become independent and responsible learners  
  • Develop skills for learning and working collaboratively  

Students will develop social, emotional, and physical skills 

  • Utilize appropriate strategies to solve conflicts  
  • Interact cooperatively  
  • Participate in activities that develop motor skills and physical fitness  
  • Learn habits of healthy eating and proper hygiene  
  • Identify gifts and talents, strengths, and challenges  

Students will develop social responsibility 

  • Behave with respect for self and others  
  • Make connections between values and behaviors  
  • Demonstrate respect for the environment  
  • Participate in community service as a demonstration of Tikkun Olam  
  • Demonstrate respect for physical, cultural, religious, ethnic, and intellectual diversity  

Students will develop education technology skills 

  • Integrate technology to accomplish learning objectives  
  • Use the internet safely and responsibly  
  • Manage data and conduct research  
  • Use technology to present information and ideas  
  • Engage in electronic communication 


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