Mrs. Leora Orevi

Mrs. Leora Orevi was born in Jerusalem. She graduated from Wingate Institute in Israel and holds a Physical Education Teaching Credential for both elementary and secondary schools. Mrs. Orevi earned her B.A. and M.A. degrees from California State University, Northridge. She was certified as a Judaica teacher in 1975 on completion of her studies at the University of Judaism.

Mrs. Orevi has taught students of all ages over a period of many years. She has worked as a Judaic and Hebrew teacher at the early childhood level.

Through the Hebrew language, singing, dancing, drama, and celebrations, Mrs. Orevi tries to transmit her love of and devotion to Judaism and Israel. She believes that it is important for our children to appreciate the richness of our traditions and culture. "By teaching children," Mrs. Orevi states, "I learn about life. I love every day that I come to school. The children help to keep me young and enthusiastic."
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