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Judaic Studies

The Judaic curriculum develops students' understanding of prayer and Jewish values, knowledge of the Bible, an appreciation of Shabbat and holiday observances, and a commitment to the State of Israel.  Students gain an appreciation for the world community through tikkun olam (repairing the world). The Judaic curriculum provides students the opportunity to apply core reading and writing skills to Jewish content.  Through the study of Jewish history, personalities, observances, and celebrations, children reinforce interdisciplinary skills.  

Our students learn at a young age that the Jewish tradition teaches that they have a responsiblity to engage in tikkun olam, and to influence the community-at-large for the better.  Students at every grade level participate in a Hesed Project, where they apply values learned in the classroom to real-life situations such as the Ocean Park Community Center for the Homeless, Tree People, the Jewish Home for the Aging and Guide Dogs of America.   

Children at Wise attend weekly age-appropriate Friday services.  These Services provide an opportunity to reinforce our values program, explore the lessons of the weekly torah portion, and engage in a beautiful, spirtual service built on prayer and melody.  Through services, students become comfortable participating in Jewish prayer and build a connection to their Jewish heritge and other Jews around the world. 

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