Grade 3 News

Off to the races we go, as we are preparing for the ERB’s. As many of you know the students are busy reviewing test taking strategies and we are ensuring that the students are exposed to all curriculum concepts. The finish line is in sight!

At home students should have completed reading their mystery books, and in class they are writing their notecards for their reports. For this assignment the students are focusing on sequencing of events, summary, problem, and solution. In all areas, it is expected that students write to expand their thoughts and include as many details as possible. We look forward to showing you their final project at Open House. In reading, students continue to build their reading comprehension skills. Some classes are learning the step by step process of writing a summary about stories they have read. Other classes have started a new process of Literary Circles, where they are reading the Scholastic Jr. Classics. They are working in small groups, where each member has a specific area of concentration. Ask them about which novel they have chosen, and how they are enjoying the process.

In math, every class has been taking the time to practice ERB math strategies as well as continue to study the curriculum. Within the past few weeks, the classes have focused on geometry and have moved successfully to the study of fractions. Cutting up Hershey bars or oranges into sections is a great way to explore fractions at home. Some classes have begun to understand that fractions and decimals are two different representations of the same concept. It would beneficial for all students to review concepts previously introduced by logging onto This should enable to students to access their math book from home.

Students have completed learning about the Asian Angelinos that settled Los Angeles and were treated to a visit by Tom Shi Bin, a Chinese herbalist. You may want to question them about his visit. They are eager to continue their learning about the early Jewish community in Los Angeles and the contributions of the early Jewish settlers to Los Angeles. Do you know anyone that grew up in Boyle Heights, the area in which many Jewish families settled?

During Hebrew classes, students are learning the story of Malka’s new Shabbat dress and are enjoying playing games in class using the verbs “dance” and “sing”. Some are at the end of the unit and are applying their new learning to their own Shabbat at home with their family.
In honor of Israel’s 64th birthday students will “visit” Israel and read a story about a class trip to Israel. Each student will reflect where he or she visited in Israel and what they did. As part of enrichment, some of our students challenged themselves to read Hebrew books and write short book reports.
We have learned about Abraham and Sarah, as well as Isaac and Rebecca and their contributions to the Jewish people. Now we are reading and learning all about Jacob and his journey and discoveries as he became the third patriarch of our people, along with Leah and Rachel who complete the four matriarchs. These narratives are a great source of deep discussions and opportunities to make connections from text to self. Soon we will teach about Josef the Dreamer, which will culminate our Explorer’s Bible Volume I.

We have also learned about the background and establishment of a Jewish state and the visionary leader Benjamin Zev Herzl, and the reality leader David Ben – Gurion. We sang many songs that connected us to Israel and familiarized the students with Yom Ha-atzmaut celebrations held in Israel.
During the latter part of May, the students will have a Bible culmination project. Each student will focus and research one (or two) hero/ heroes and choose how to present it to their classmates. We will send a detailed letter that will explain all, and will provide ample time for the students to complete this project successfully.

It is difficult to believe that May has begun and the school year is almost over. Where did the time go! The entire third grade team thanks you for all of your support throughout the school year. Please mark your calendars for our Open House on May 23rd. 


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