Grade 2 News

Second graders are very busy putting the finishing touches on their whale and sea life research projects as a culmination of our nonfiction reading unit. Additionally we are practicing skills of reading and listening comprehension both in reading groups and in our homerooms. In Language Arts, students continue to review possessive nouns, pronouns, verbs, and dictionary skills. They are also able to follow the writing process with clarity and organization as demonstrated in weekly journal writing. Since April is National Poetry Month, we are reading selected works in class and then presenting individual poetry book reports as creative posters. We look forward to sharing all of their hard work with you at Open House on May 24.

In math, we are currently focused on place value to the hundreds and thousands place, geometry, and problem solving. Students are also comparing and ordering numbers to 1,000 within our current place value unit. In our curriculum we revisit concepts that have been previously taught. We hope that you continue to apply these skills to your child’s everyday experiences, such as counting money, making change, telling time, measurement, weight, and fractions of a whole. Wow! We have learned so much already.

In Judaica, students have been learning about the major cities and people of Israel. While learning about Israel, students wrote cinquain poems describing Israel through their own eyes, as well as describing their favorite city in Hebrew. We culminated our Israel unit with eating festive Israeli foods. Students are also working on finishing Shalom U’vracha and reading a Hebrew story about a group of girls who go shopping in a toy store. In Bible, students are moving towards the end of the Book of Joshua while meeting up with a kind woman, Rabab, who helped save the two Israelite spies.

Our social studies curriculum is currently focused on cultures around the world. Our students have been introduced to the concept of culture with the understanding that even though people around the world are different, they are very much alike. They have the same basic needs of food, clothing, and shelter. Specifically the students are exploring the countries of Kenya, China, and Brazil. Along with America and Israel, these are the countries that will be represented in the Multicultural Celebration on the morning of May 15. Please make sure to mark your calendars. This is an event not to be missed!
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