Photo: ERB Testing Information

ERB Testing Information

ERB results help us to interpret the progress of our students as individuals, as groups, as grade levels, and as a school. They provide specific information that is part of a larger set of tools to help inform our curriculum choices, our instructional choices, and our groupings for math and reading. We are proud to share some highlights from this year’s school-wide results and what they indicate:

• Our upper grade students performed above the Independent School Norm in all core content areas, with above average gains in both Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning, which we can attribute to the focus on critical thinking and depth and complexity in our USC curriculum.
• All grade levels showed growth in both Math and Quantitative Reasoning, which we attribute to the focused, individualized instruction they receive in their homogeneous groupings.
• All grade levels showed growth in Language Arts Conventions, which we can attribute to our teachers’ focused work in the development of this curriculum through our partnership with Dr. Cindy Kratzer, Literacy Specialist from UCLA.

While we are very proud of these results, we continually strive to improve in all areas, and will be working with our teachers to provide greater focus in those areas needing support, to continue to take our School’s results to even greater heights. Meanwhile, please take some time to look at your individual child’s results in order to identify areas of strength and challenge. The teachers will also be given the individualized reports in order to inform their planning to meet your child’s specific needs.

Karen Anderson                                                          Tami Weiser

Director of Curriculum & Instruction                         Principal

Additional information can be found on these links:

Individual Subscore Report
Primary Grade Parent Report
Lexile Information (noted on 2nd grade test)

SWAT 07/28/14
SWAT 07/29/14
SWAT 07/30/14
SWAT 07/31/14
SWAT 08/04/14
Tisha B'Av 08/05/14
SWAT 08/05/14

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